mission love

mission love

I randomly found my first lovebot this week while walking home from my girlfriend’s place. I had read about them back in August on blogto.com but only just got to see one in person. Sure I could have looked up one of the 100 sites conveniently located on the project’s website but where’s the fun in that?!

I feel like one of the joy’s in public art projects is the random sightings, the exact feeling that I had Tuesday evening around 11:45pm. While I could have caught a cab or a street car home on this crisp cool fall evening I chose to walk the 25min trek and had my own chance encounter.

Matthew Del Dagan and Rodger Beck developed the 2’-0” tall, 250lb sculptures as a dialogue on kindness. Stemming from the notion that Torontonians can appear to move through the city like robots, perceptible extensions of the cold concrete under foot. But through shared stories we communicate our acts of love and develop our community.

Each little robot’s heart is died a bright colour and sits proud of his chest, contrasting against their concrete construction. It acts like a little love push button inviting those passing by to interact and share. This opportunity is granted on the website where an open submission allows us to share a love story or a story of love, which are being curated and potentially linked to a specific bot.

I love love lovebot this project!