Man oh man I love Scandinavian design, I hope in another life I’m reborn in one of the Nordic countries. I could move there in this lifetime and assimilate but, and I quote wikipedia:

“The vast majority of the human population of Scandinavia are Scandinavians”. And since I’m not, I could really only ever hope to be a mere Canadian in Scandinavia. Although I did just realize that I could boggle the word Canada from  Scandinavia….maybe I’ll coat tail an application for Canada to be a member with Estonia and hope for the best.

Back to the point:

I came across these super whimsical lamps by grad student Carolina Olsson while cruising wallpaper magazine looking for an article on Moss Your City. Couldn’t help but be enchanted by her inspiration:

 The design of Skog is inspired by the large forests surrounding Magnor Glassverk. I wanted to recreate the fairy-like experience I had of the forest when I was a little girl.

Perfectly charming and landed her a production with Magnor Glassverk…I think it would make a perfect graduation present *wink wink, nudge nudge*