Some people live to work, some people work to live, I personally live and work to travel. After a year and a half hiatus my fiancée and I were able to commit 3 weeks to our most recent vacation adventure. For me it was a second visit to South America but this time around I got to experience it in much more seasonal temperatures.

The first major stop after being in transit for a couple of days was Uruguay’s “It” beach destination city – Punta del Este. Located to the east of the country’s capital this ocean side retreat is favoured by Uruguayans, Argentineans and Brazilians alike. Positioned on a peninsula visitors have the option of spending sun time on either the more popular west side or the slightly more recluse and windier west side.

Still travelling on a shoestring when it comes to accommodation we stayed in a private cabana at La Lomita del Chingolo; A tucked away hostel run by a native Punta del Este resident who opened the doors of his inherited grandfather’s beach home to travellers of all walks.

While it was a 20 minute walk to the ocean we couldn’t complain as we were located in the up and coming design district. Walking time was consumed with lots of ogling over showrooms, condo sales centres, boutique hotels and restaurants. The most enchanting resort homes are nestled along the palm tree lined streets, tucked within beautifully manicured grounds with flowering trees. After a super hectic 4 months, it was the perfect starting point for relaxation, great eats and suntanning by the ocean.