Well somehow we all made it through our first semester of final year. It seems like we should be well oiled machines at this point but somehow I felt more like a hamster in its cage. Running on my exercise wheel, getting no further ahead but feeling very exhausted.

Add to that a entire gut and renovation job and you get an idea of my life for the past 14 weeks. Unfortunately the house is not for me, fortunately I really love what I do. We are a little over schedule but it’s something that can’t always be helped when flipping older homes. Sadly I won’t be around to oversee all the finishing details but I had a trip long in the works before this project. Which brings me to Uruguay, yes Uruguay that little country in the armpit of South America. Home to mate, Asado and my fiancées entire extended family. This is a second life time visit, one which I’m sure will prove to be much different than my previous encounter.

The next 3 weeks are about rest, relaxing and reunions. Since my Spanish is limited I anticipate more blogs to come as I share with you some south of the equator design sightings!