Sometimes you make a promise and just when that promise may seem to elapse you find some time to make it happen. Promises are made with good intentions and I try to stay committed to my words even if a couple months seem to pass by in a blink.

 This is the case for my lovely friend Rebekah who found a bodacious bachelorette pad just north of me on St. George, a stone’s throw away of U of T.  This move happened back in February and I eagerly agreed to help her pimp out her parquet and beige wall palace.

 To date we got some furniture nailed down, a retro bamboo arm chair, 4 teak dining chairs and a wall of Billy bookcases to house her extensive book collection. An accent wall in her living room was painted a salad green and her bedroom went monochromatic with fashionable grey walls.

We also scored some fabrics from Queen West, which I promised I could easily flip into killer accent pillows. My machine is over at grandma’s house in Oakville and up until last week said fabric and pillows still remained stashed in my closet waiting for some time. I happen on a car this past week and was finally able to fond some time and make this promise a reality. 

As the saying goes “better late than never”, sorry for the delay Bookz!

We decided on an eclectic mix of fabrics including a slightly formal stripe with the same green as her accent wall. A small geometric print with the same egg shell blue found in the stripe. Then an oversized pale blue and brown damask print on a cream background. She inherited an oversized 3-seater couch and love seat both slipped covered in white. I wanted to make sure these pillows brought in a punch of colour and detract from the marshmallow-like seating.

I purchased 5 pillows from Ikea, which are easily sourced from their bedding section, two feather 16×24, two polyester 20×20 and one polyester 26 x 26. The feather pillows were $2-4 more per pillow which is why I opted for poly but after sewing and I highly recommend going feather all the way. The shape of the pillows once complete are much, much, much nicer (and fuller) than their cheaper counterparts.

I created a template with tracing paper, which I laid out on my fabrics to cut the sizes I needed. To create a sharp stripe pillow make sure the fabric pattern lines up and will look continuous over the seams. With a larger print like the damask figure out what you want area of the pattern you want to be centered and position the template accordingly. In this case that meant I didn’t have enough fabric for both sides so I dipped into my stash and backed it with a menswear blue-grey. I also reluctantly had to purchase a low pile brown fabric for the small geometric but it ended up super useful as the project progressed.

After the basic pillows had been created and were sewn together I wanted to make them a little extra special. I purchased iron monograms for the stripe pillows in her initials R K. The small geometric was paired with the brown and I created rosettes with button centres for one side. The oversized pillow got a kitschy facelift on its plain side with crafty owls which I created from my scraps and some wood and brass buttons. The hardest part for this pillow was locating an iron; luckily I found one downstairs at my neighbour’s apartment.

I’m really happy with how they turned out and I’m super excited to turn them over to their new home tonight. I think for my next DIY I’m going to try and create a 3D Owl pillow from some of this project’s scraps….a blog to come I promise!