I know, it has been way to long but I swear it’s because things have been super busy. Three more weeks and things should be back on track, my second year of school complete and Summer in full swing. In the mean time I thought I would catch up with a day in the life, March edition:

1:30am – CAD is starting to look more like Lite-Brite, close down laptop and crawl into bed.

7:05am – iPhone is still whack and the alarm is going off 1 hour early. Boyfriend is up, ask him to wake me before he leaves….fall back to sleepish.

8:02am – official wake-up.

8:45am – out the door waiting for the elevator to come fetch me from the top floor.

8:47am – still waiting.

8:55am – stop at Le Gourmand for a coffee.

9:01am – Get to work and pull out lap top.

9:05am – Cruise emails and reply to a couple of messages. I’m out of the office Monday and Tuesday for school so Wednesday’s are always a bit hectic plus I have to head to school today, haven’t been to Enviro & Sustainability in a bit, figure I should make an appearance.

9:30am – Studio fills up, open CAD and start working on a detail for a closet project.

9:45am – we need more tile, call Ciot to see if they still have the stone veneer in stock.

9:47am – they do! Generate a purchase order and print it off for approval.

10:01am – finally get a hold of the window treatment people and book a meeting in the afternoon for the following day. Only took 2 weeks but they seem pretty game to check out the project.

10:05am – Still don’t have our account setup with a local supplier, call Rona to order materials in the mean time.

10:10am – Back on CAD trying to figure out if I can work in a display island down the middle of the closet…it’s tight.

10:45am – tile order is on hold until all product on site is used up, purchase order is on hold.

10:55am – CAD

11:01am – get a new list of admin stuff to compile, takes about an hour to pull it together.

12:02pm – speak with Exterior Contractor, need him to finalize a quote….says he’ll call back…

12:06pm – Cher Horowitz had a killer closet, I wonder if the iTunes Store has a clothing match app?

12:07pm – they do, “My Closet”…they also have Angry Birds Rio…finally a reason to download Angry Birds, man I love Brazil.

12:09pm – Mirror design is being revised, we’re adding a reveal. Decided to create a foam core mock up to see how it looks in place…but it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

12:10pm – we do need more porcelain tile in the mean time, order 6 boxes and set up to have them delivered by the end of the week.

12:17pm – Apply for an account at a new print shop, seem pretty reasonable, might see about using them to print off my Interiors Project for school.

12:31pm – Closet project is going to meet Friday to review some of clients drawings.

12:45pm – Asked for a couple of days off for next week so I can focus on the last bit of school, request granted, so relieved.

12:52pm – Closet meeting is going to try and be changed to tomorrow since I’m out next week. Need final drawings for director before he leaves for Milan.

1:10pm – Pack up stuff and bid work adieu till tomorrow. Catch elevator back down to street level and boot it over to the Spadina street car.

1:13pm – 510 King streetcar comes and goes.

1:16pm – 510 King streetcar comes and goes.

1:19pm – 510 King streetcar comes and goes, bugger.

1:20pm – Fine! Decide to boot it along Queen to Osgoode instead.

1:30pm – Thinking I’ll have to catch a cab, boyfriend calls. Talk for a couple of minutes while I’m speeding along, he says I sound pissed (sort of true, bugger Spadina streetcar) but really just want to make it on time.

1:35pm  – Han g up and decide to speed walk it down University to Union.

1:37pm – Make it, grab a quick coffee at Mmmuffins, Tim line is ‘uge!

1:41pm – Find a seat on the Go Train, it’s rammed. Pull out laptop and start an assignment for my afternoon class. We were suppose to visit Brick works last Wednesday but we had a snowstorm and it was cancelled. I went in the Fall so I pull out my blog and do a little creative cut and pasting. Train leaves on time.

2:15pm – Arrive in Oakville and catch the No. 1 up to school.

2:36pm – Hit up the sample room before class to check out some solid surface flooring options. Digging the rubber floors for their sustainability and the bright colours, maybe a solid surface countertop?

2:57pm – Walk into the classroom to find only one other person there, shit, do we even have class?

3:01pm – Apparently we do, couple other people filter in but apparently it’s only a work period and while I was hoping my group would come they didn’t. Guess we should have coordinated this one a little better.

3:15pm – Prof finally shows up for a class that starts at 3pm, go figure.

3:17pm – She talks for a couple of minutes. The grad year has their final presentations next week, I take a look at the list of topics to get a better idea of what people are doing….MS Centre, Adult Daycare?!, Aquatics Centre.

3:30pm – Submit my completed assignment and open up CAD for a couple of minutes.

4:05pm – Pack up stuff and start to head back to the bus stop.

4:15pm – Catch the GO Bus down to the station.

4:28pm – Go Train arrives on time, I hop on and head back to the city.

5:16pm – Back in town, hate having to go against the commuters, they’re the worst! But finally make if back up to University.

5:24pm – Meet up with boyfriend in his lobby, decide to grab a quick beer before heading home to work on school projects.

5:41pm – Haven’t had an after work beer in forever, thank you boyfriend and Firkin on King. Can’t wait for summer!

6:59pm – Roomie and his boyfriend made dinner, spinach salad and grilled chicken! Totally hit the spot and made up for the shite Irish Nachos at the Firkin.

7:03pm – Man, I have an amazing support team, seems it takes a team to raise an interior designer. One more year to go!