“Look closely, this woman believes in herself, dares to be herself and dares to think in her own personal way! This woman is us.”

-Armi Ratia 

After a gruelling week slaving over a project for my rendering class, I was craving a little retail therapy. Just a little pick me up before I returned to my desk to hang over another assignment….just a little something something…

And then while walking home along Queen Street, there they were. Aligning the lower shelf all casual and cool in the window of Groovy, were the newest Converse collaboration with Marimekko. A couple steps backwards and I was inside, where moments later I sat wiggling my toes in oversized boyfriend borrowed socks, waiting for a size 9.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t adore Marimekko. Their bursts of bold colour and oversized pattern were born in the 50s and have remained stunningly current entering their 60th Anniversary. Armi Ratia founded the Finnish company in 1951 at the end of World War II. She recognized a need to bring beauty back to the everyday life and in the realm of textile design did so by introducing artists to their design process.

Today, Marimekko embraces household goods ranging from furnishing fabrics to tableware as well as clothing, bags, jewellery and other accessories. Their products are available in roughly 40 countries and after a quick search if you live in Toronto like me, you can find them up at The Finnish Place.

Now I am anxiously anticipating summer more than ever and the first opportunity to take my chucks for a spin. I might even have to take them out on a play date up to Yonge and scoop up a coordinating clutch in the same Pikku Suomu pattern.

Sadly, looking outside my window Toronto is treading in a cold slushy mess but up on the 25th floor I’m on a Chuck Taylor Hi.