Well, it’s not too often I plug a work project but since we posted our build to YouTube it only seemed appropriate. The video captures the entire on site construction of our ‘Pod House’ at Toronto’s 2011 Interior Design Show. It was an amazing week for our entire team with lots of late nights and hard work, which was unexpectedly rewarded with a Gold Award for best booth in the 400-600 sq.ft. framework.

This pod is actually a modular guest suite which will be part of Templar Lake on the Mountain, a resort retreat in the works for Prince Edward County. They will be dispersed throughout the property offering stunning views of the river and scenic grounds.

TLOTM will operate under the Templar Hotel Corporation, whose first project the Templar Hotel is set to open doors this Spring 2011. The focus of all Templar projects is visitor centric, operating to each guest individually and offering a luxuriously catered stay experience.