After 30 plus hours spent on a Disco inspired lighting assignment, I woke this morning feeling like one strung out designer. It was the last big assignment before Reading Break and it somehow became an epic undertaking. By 9pm last night, I finally was able to book a zipcar on my iphone and head west for printing and submitting…thank goodness for Kinko’s and late night drop-boxes.

                Slurping my morning coffee I was pleasantly stirred to consciousness by Interior Design Magazine’s peek at Frank Gehry’s newest project. A total treat for us condo & apartment dwellers who cannot help but constantly search out new projects to drool over. We’re like hunters deep in pursuit of the perfect pad, an eye for layouts, storage, location, amenities and SPACE!

We all know Toronto is a flurry of development these days as residential towers are bursting through the skyline like weeds. It’s exciting and yet overwhelming to witness so much progress, leaving many Torontonians wondering what the future holds. I think we also look to these monolithics and wonder why? Why are they so mundane?

Bring on the development Toronto, but is it too much to ask for a little more design? MORE DESIGN *shaking fist upwards*. And just when I think we’re destined to carry on like Lego people, 8 hours south in the Big Apple emerges “New York by Gehry”.

Rising 76 storeys into the New York skyline, externally the structural stainless steel facade captures the energy of a blustery fall day. Internally this rippled exterior has translated into the creation of 200 individual floor plans to choose from. The undulation also introduces a rare breed to the city dwelling known in the suburbs as the “bay window”, oooo, ahhh. The website photos are incredible so I can only imagine what it will be like to stand in its presence in person.

Interior finishes include Oak and Douglas fir, Quartz countertops and signature hardware designed by Gehry himself. 20,000 sq.ft. of amenity space, 15,000 sq.ft. of public plaza and a prime location in lower Manhattan round out the high profile of this residence. 


While a little out of scope in terms of location for myself, fingers crossed on a hot internship in NYC and a generous couchsurfing opportunity?! I am really pleased to see such an exception condo design and hope this inspires innovation in form for future buildings. At this time I‘d like to extend the invite and say, on behalf of Toronto: Mr. Gehry if you’re looking for a new location for a project our blossoming city is at your disposal.

One Bedroom Floor Plan


Two Bedroom Floor Plan


PS. Logging into wordpress, I found this blog on the homepage featuring a Gehry building in Prague, check it out!