I had an excitable teacher in my second semester that was quite fond of Corian. Unbeknown to us young design heads, we tended to turn our attention to stone when it came to surface selections. However she’d speak volumes about the versatility, sustainability and design potential of this man made surface, so to her I dedicate this blog.

Prior to my current place of employment, my only relationship with Corian revolved around a good sweaty cleaning session. With a toothbrush and Q-Tip in hand, I’d try my best to remove the grime growing in the 0 radius corners of my pristine white Corian sink box. It was definitely a love hate relationship and I think the grime had the upper hand; now its fate has dutifully been passed on to the new buyer.

This man made surface composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate is the brainchild of DuPont. It features a non-porous surface, over 100 colour and pattern options and can literally be shaped into any form imaginable. At IDS 2011 in Toronto this past January, 5 designers displayed their own creations showcasing the imaginative potential of this product.

  1. Anna Simone & Elaine Cecconi
  2. Earth Inc.
  3. Gau Design
  4. Pascale Girardin
  5. Rhed Corporation

This exhibition was not dissimilar to other Trade Shows exhibits over the past couple of years. One of Karim Rashid’s phantasmagorical creations includes a Corian concept “Smart-ologic” living space.  Unveiled in 2010 at Milan’s Design week, this pretty pastel pod is womb-like in its inception with undulating walls and furnishings.

Corian even has its own concept store in Milan. Working with innovative designers, they have filled their space with unique items not typically considered when discussing a solid surface product. In 2008 they partnered with Rosita and Luca Missoni which resulted in a bold residential collaboration showcase. What can I say, I’m a sucker for pattern!

The possibilities are truly endless and after checking out Pascale’s website I have been inspired for an upcoming project at school. Let me know if you’ve come across any other Corian creations because this looks like the beginning of a beautiful working relationship.

Siggraph 2008

London Design Festival 2010 – comprised of 300 pieces of Corian