Officially it’s about to be a new year and officially, readers it’s a move from blogger.com to wordpress.com

I felt that with this New Year, you the readers needed an opportunity to comment and share in on the design convo. With this move I’ve also opted for a new blog name. I was a little torn in making this decision but I feel that so much has changed in the past 8 months it was warranted. So on the eve of the start to a whole new decade in the 21st century, I unveil DesignCurb.

CURB, comes to me as a place to stoop. Lining all of human’s constructed environments; it’s the understated foundation. For the pedestrians we follow it, step over it, sometimes teeter on its edge and on lazy hot summer days seek its cool support during a rest.

 It’s an impromptu meeting spot. It provides framework, function, possibility and variability in design. DesignCurb is all about raising the margin, looking over the edge of an unknown while sharing with others.

In wrapping up 2010, a whole decade into the 2000’s I think back to where I was 10 years ago. The impending threat of a total global meltdown, to which my generation had yet to experience, was on the brink. The technological age was soaring and as the clocks turned to 12:00:00:00, we waited with bated breath for our electronic fortress to implode. 10 years later, a much less anxious anticipation fills the air as we calmly prepare for a smooth transition into 2011.

This is officially also my first full design year. A year in which I’ve lived and breathed design in each step taken and thought considered. I’m half way through school, gaining exposure in the industry and on my way to living the dream career. To share the design bug, the following is my Top 10 favourite design finds of 2010:

10. BuckyBalls by Zoomdoggle are 216 metallic pearls which magnetically click and clack together providing endless construction possibilities.


9. 321 Water by Gretha Oost is a BPA-free re-useable water bottle with a built-in plunger featuring a filter enabling fresh water on the go, it is a beautiful thing.


8. Marcel Wanders collaboration with M.A.C. brings this Dutch designer’s signature balustrade form to a select collection of make-up vessels. Also check out his Miami hotel project Mondrian, which showcases the same form on a much larger scale.

7. Jambox by Jawbone “is for cool people” and all about big sound in a perfectly cool little package (my boyfriend can’t leave the apartment without his since Christmas).

6. Copic Markers rocked my world this past year, their new colour set for 2010 S12EX-4, offer up pretty pastels which makes manual rendering seem less pointless and more pleasurable.

5. A collection of bound cotton loops handmade in Brooklyn resulted in Necklush a playful fashion accessory which is not quite a necklace, not quite a scarf but simply fantastic.

4. rollout.ca is a fabulous Canadian wall paper company that also offers custom creations, check them out at Toronto’s Interior Design Show this upcoming January.



3. David Weeks Studio also out of Brooklyn offering up sculptural lighting that captured my imagination; each piece is a definition in how design elevates functionality. I used the Kopra Cluster and Torroja Mobile in 2 concept projects this past year.

2. The Shield of Wings by Spark Design Space was a friend’s find and I’ve shared it many times over. We all know Northern Europe is a design mecca, hopefully these rare Sea Eagles don’t head too far south but if they do they’re sure to be warm and stylish.


1. Finally, in an industry dominated by strong male gurus Patricia Urquiola’s femininity echoes loud and clear. As an architect by trade this Spanish born designer has collaborated with all the big-hitters generating a signature style all her own. From fixtures to furniture, Urquiola experiments with form taking the ordinary into fairy-tale extraordinary.

 I bid you and 2010 a farewell and wish you the reader, a wonderful New Year!